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Rangers 7 Hibs 0, 30 December 1995

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The score has a nice ring to it, but Hibs were on the wrong end of this one. That Hibs were lying third in the league at this point made the result all the more surprising, but no less bearable. Worst of all was Gordon Durie scoring four of Rangers’ seven.

Still substantially the team that finished third the previous May, Hibs eventually slumped to fifth place by this season’s end. Talents such as Darren Jackson, Keith Wright, Jim Leighton, Michael O’Neill and Kevin McAllister were unable to stop the rot, evidence that Alex Miller was finally losing the ability to motivate the Easter Road dressing room.

This match will also be remembered for Dougie Smith’s complete sense of humour failure in dishing out a yellow card to Paul Gascoigne for the light hearted manner in which he returned the red card which had fallen out of the referee’s pocket. Referees get little credit much of the time, but Smith showed himself up as a grade-1 arse on this occasion.

Dougie Smith about to make a tit of himself

Dougie Smith about to make a tit of himself


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