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Where are they now? – Special edition!



Ok, pinpointing the exact whereabouts of Eddie May, Gordon Rae and Paul Kane probably isn’t too hard. What about those fabulous popsters Just Add Water though? What can they possibly be doing now? In fact, what the hell were they doing then, dressed up like Culture Club when rave culture was just beginning to flourish? What a shrewd piece of commercial sponsorship by Messrs Duff and Gray.

I can’t believe anyone ever heard another thing about them (the band that is), but if you can prove me wrong…


5 thoughts on “Where are they now? – Special edition!

  1. hi, i’m in this pic, great to see it, the day we released our 1st single – would it be possible to get a good copy of the pic? best, tommy

  2. Hey! Fantastic! Never thought I’d get a response from the band! Sorry if my comments above are overly sarcastic (ahem…), the critic’s prerogative, etc…

    I’ll have to dig out the newsprint from the attic and re-scan it better than this version – might not be a lot better. If you are anywhere near Edinburgh these days you might get a better result by digging out the old newspaper from the Central Library and photographing it yourself. Or contact the Scotsman photo sales dept and they might even be able to produce an original photographic print from their archives.

    I’ll re-post a higher-res version of the cutting here in the next day or two if I can, so check back and click on the picture above to see it.

    Any of you lot still in the music business/tales of minor fame and fortune to tell?

  3. hi fraser, good stuff, yes, i still play drums and nick n helen are back home in OZ, alex is in NYC
    i will be delighted if you can send over a clearer image as it’s a great pic, i have sent the scotsman an email
    as a foot note, i worked in horseracing for a few years and became good friends with fellow hibee, ian brennan, former board member of the club and the man hibs called mr midas, he started the hibs lottery, i wonder if you still have that? best, tommy

  4. Alas, bad news, Tommy. I’ve just been up in the attic and rummaged in the box of newsprint and it would appear that I must have turfed all the cuttings that I had already digitised up to 96-97. All I have left from that era are programmes and other such memorabilia. Sorry! :^( Hopefully The Scotsman archives will save the day…

  5. ok, thanks for looking though, best, tommy

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