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wallowing in the history of hibernian fc

About the hibLOG

The hibLOG has been in existence since 2002, growing at the pace of a giant sequoia tree. The two previous host servers on which the material was published have both now been deleted, so here we are on the hopefully more reliable – and certainly easier to use WordPress platform.

The site contains a selective archive of newspaper cuttings and programmes covering most of the major events (and many minor ones) in the history of Hibernian Football Club from 1986 to (eventually) 2008, all bound up in my feeble humour and shaky recollections of the events.


John Pettigrew, 1923-2015, without whom this archive would not exist

When I moved from Edinburgh to Cambridge in late 1986 my good old Dad faithfully snipped out the football pages of The Scotsman newspaper and sent them down to me so that I could keep in touch with Scottish football, and Hibs in particular. These pages are therefore something of a tribute to his dedication rather than mine – and he didn’t even follow football! Dad died in 2015 at the grand old age of 91, and I dedicate the hibLOG to his memory.

When I moved to New Zealand in 2008 the flow of newsprint ceased, which means that eventually the hibLOG will have nothing to add after the first half of season 2008-09. But it’ll take me a while to get that far with the scanning and uploading of the cuttings that have come with me in the shipping container, so don’t panic yet…


One thought on “About the hibLOG

  1. Great site – came across it by accident. Fathers day in UK today so appropriate to find your site.

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