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Where are they now? – Special edition!


Ok, pinpointing the exact whereabouts of Eddie May, Gordon Rae and Paul Kane probably isn’t too hard. What about those fabulous popsters Just Add Water though? What can they possibly be doing now? In fact, what the hell were they doing then, dressed up like Culture Club when rave culture was just beginning to flourish? What a shrewd piece of commercial sponsorship by Messrs Duff and Gray.

I can’t believe anyone ever heard another thing about them (the band that is), but if you can prove me wrong…


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Not dead yet


Bet you were wondering what had happened to me? No? Och, well, anyway, here I am, still here. Just been busy with other stuff, ok?

I have finally been booted up the arse to resume activity on the hibLOG by the realisation that the old Quista pages have finally been consigned to oblivion, meaning that all those wonderful old cuttings and programmes from seasons 85-86 through to 91-92, all those soul-sapping goalless draws with Motherwell, home defeats to Clydebank, and the very worst of safety-first percentage football from Bastard Face Miller have disappeared. More to the point the 1991 Skol Cup victory was also erased, so something really had to be done.

I have therefore just re-upped season 1985-86 (not a lot of entries to be fair) and also restored season 1991-92 from the old ntl site for starters. Seasons 86-87 through to 90-91 will hopefully follow in the not too distant future, but you know I’ve said that before and then buggered off for eight years with nary a peep, so breath holding is not recommended. All the same, I have time on my hands right now so you might be in luck. Watch this space.