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Pre-season tour – Isle of Man Okell’s Football Festival Tournament, 26 July – 1st August 1987

Quite a few Hibbies made the trip to the Isle of Man by the looks of James Cruickshanks’s photo. If anyone recognises themself, own up!


Gordon Hunter cantering down the wing like a young foal. From the game against Oldham. Nice smooth pitch…


Some wavy-permed Oldham player preparing to try and dig out the ball from the deep rough at a free kick. Talking of Rough, he still doesn’t look happy behind a wall does he? At the back post the crowd goes wild.


According to Bobby Sinnet’s wonderful Fitbastats records, Hibs lost 3-6 to Wigan (!), drew 1-1 with Stoke, and pumped the Isle of Man XI 7-1. The game against Oldham pictured here ended 3-0 to Hibs, but I have no idea if this was the final or just a consolation match. If anyone knows, leave a comment below.


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Squad photo 1986-87

Hibs squad photo at the beginning of season 86-87, with the sponsorless white strip across the chest formerly inscribed with Insave, and later in the season to be taken up by P&D Windaes.

nonameteamBack row l-r: Billy Kirkwood, Alan Sneddon, Mark Caughey, Colin Harris, Gordon Rae, Alan Rough, Gordon Chisholm, Mark Fulton, Steve Cowan, Gordon Hunter, George McCluskey.
Middle row l-r: Joe McBride, Stuart Beedie, Willie Irvine (Jnr), Sandy Robertson, Steve McIlhone, Calum Milne, Alan Peters, Paul Kane.
Front Row l-r: Paul McGovern, John Collins, David Fellinger, Danny Lennon, Ian Munro, Joe Tortolano, Willie Miller (aged 17!), Mickey Weir, Scott Brunton.
Eddie May was absent from this photocall for some reason.

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Season 85-86 squad photo

This is priceless. The picture is actually from an advert for sponsors Insave on the back of the St Mirren programme. Out of all the team, whose face do you think happens to be obliterated by a chance printing defect?


Back row, l-r: J. Stirling, Willie Irvine, Alan Sneddon, Alan Rough, Colin Harris, John Ramage, Brian Rice (who departed to Nottingham Forest before kicking a ball for Hibs this season), Bobby Thomson, The Blob – no sorry, it’s Benny Brazil.
Middle row: John Blackley, Tom McNiven (physio), Alan Peters, Paul Kane, Kevin McKee, Gordon Hunter, Gordon Durie, Steve McIlhone, Joe McBride, Gordon Neely (youth coach), Tommy Craig.
Front row: Danny Lennon, Calum Milne, Eddie May, Ian Munro, Gordon Rae, Dave Fellinger, John Collins, Paul McGovern, Mickey Weir.

This colour version taken from the front of John Mackay’s book ‘The Hibees’ (John Donald, 1986) is clearer. Check the bouffants on some of these fine young men, especially Calum Milne and John Collins. Sneds sports a majestic ‘mullet’ and Gordon Durie looks like somebody’s granny from the 1930s…