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Kilmarnock 0-1 Hibs, 16 August 2000

Ooops, missed this one in my chronological progress through the season…


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Hibs 2-0 St Mirren, 26 August 2000

stmirren260800progI had (as usual) forgotten I was at this game, but re-reading Graham Spiers’s Scotland on Sunday press report below I am reminded of the monstrous presence in the St Mirren team of Jens Paeslack. Even at a time when the shaved head was de rigeur for hard men, Paeslack had the aura of a Bond villain’s freakish henchman, an impostor on the pitch with a secret mission to tear diddly wee Russell Latapy limb from limb. Like such typical Hollywood bad guys, however, Paeslack was ponderously slow, making Matty Jack look like Arthur Duncan. He couldn’t trap a bag of cement either, even if he probably ate one for a pre-match snack. Continue reading

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Aberdeen 2-1 Hibs, Scottish Cup semi-final, 9 April 2000

090400progAnother one of those perplexing match programmes pulled out of the archive which asserted that I was present at a game which I couldn’t remember. After reviewing the highlights on YouTube it all comes flooding back to me: the false hope of Latapy’s brilliant opener, the almost immediate riposte by Aberdeen as Hibs sat back on their unwarranted laurels, precipitating the dazed collapse which ushered in Andy Dow’s admittedly impressive winner just four minutes later. Continue reading

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Falkirk 1-2 Hibs, 20 February 1999

200299falkirkprogThis was the only game I made it to during the ‘Great Adventure’ but it was a memorable one – Franck Sauzée’s debut for Hibs.

I had come north for a week to help out at home while my dad recovered from heart surgery. I took a few hours off on this bitterly cold Saturday to travel through to the terminal shitehole of Brockville. As I observed in an earlier post, the antedeluvian home of Falkirk had the kind of quality that archaeologists value in prehistoric middens.

The sleet forced the hardy Hibs contingent of the 6,000 crowd up against the rickety back wall of the uncovered terracing to watch the team battle valiantly against a workmanlike Falkirk team and a pitch that looked like the archaeologists had already been over it. Continue reading

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Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs, 25 August 1990

aberdeen250890progThere were times during the summer when many must have doubted that Hibs would even be around to fulfill this fixture. Whether it was thanksgiving for their deliverance from the clutches of Mercer, or just the usual early season optimism, a sizeable Hibs support made the journey north for this first league match of the new campaign.

Obviously the euphoria of the club’s reprieve from extinction had no effect on the team’s performance. To be fair Aberdeen were still a very good side, as demonstrated by the programme cover which shows Scott Booth and Graham Watson brandishing the League and Scottish Cups. They had also finished runners up to Rangers in the league and were to do so again this term, losing out only on the last day of the season in a championship decider at Ibrox. Continue reading

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Hibs 1-1 Aberdeen, 27 October 1990

aberdeen271090progHibs had signed Murdo McLeod as player-coach from Borrussia Dortmund two weeks before this game and he had obviously brought some strength to the side straight away, judging by the improved result from the game at Pittodrie. Other changes may have had an effect too. Gone were Neil Cooper and Gareth Evans, Calum Milne was deputising for Graham Mitchell and Dave Farrell had returned to the reserves. Paul Wright partnered Keith Houchen up front and registered one of his all too rare goals for Hibs. Brian Hamilton had also re-established himself in the midfield. More of those last two below… Continue reading