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An amusing juxtaposition of items on the front of the Evening News of 25 January 2001.



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Hibs 6-2 Hearts, 22 October 2000

hearts221000recordpicAlthough I’m old enough I wasn’t at Tynecastle for the 7-0 game in 1973. I wasn’t at this game either, but I watched it live on TV in a pub in Cambridge with one of the other Cambridge Mental Hibees. It was a quiet midweek and the two of us had the back bar with the TV to ourselves. Obviously things got off to a poor start, but as the game unfolded our reactions to each goal became more and more hysterical until people started coming in from the other side of the bar to see what all the mayhem was about, and seemed surprised to find that there were only two of us making all this noise. Continue reading

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Hearts 0-3 Hibs, 19 December 1999

191299hearts1The last derby match of the 20th century delivered, in journalistic parlance, an early Christmas present for Hibs fans, and it was the best Christmas present for some considerable time, both before and after. I watched it in the pub in Cambridge and revelled in a performance that was so dominant the score did it no justice. Continue reading

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Hands Off Hibs ten years on, 21 May 2000


An end-of-season feature marking the 10th anniversary of Wallace Mercer’s unsuccessful attempt to merge Hearts and Hibs. Despite the fanciful and weakly humorous effort at a counterfactual history of Edinburgh football in the 1990s offered below, it was clear even by 2000 that Mercer’s vision was fantasy. In the coming years Hearts would in effect go it alone in trying to challenge the Old Firm through force of finance. The eventual demise of Rangers, and Hearts’ own brush with extinction that followed the Romanov years demonstrate exactly what would have befallen a merged Edinburgh side. Continue reading