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Premier shake-up goes ahead

The Scotsman, 1 February 1991


Well, it wasn’t quite the plan that Hibs had come up with back in December, but it had the desired effect as far as they were concerned – no relegation.

It is hard to argue that the resultant 44-game league was of great benefit to anyone except the clubs like Falkirk who would have the opportunity to bank half a dozen decent gate receipts.

Angus Cook’s comments (below) look particularly laughable in hindsight.



Jim Gray, amazingly still on the Hibs board at this point, tried not to sound completely hypocritical in justifying his club’s vote.

No relegation worries says the caption, but he can’t help looking like a man escaping the scene of a crime.

Wallace Mercer was, not surprisingly, quite forthright. The last two paragraphs of the piece below resound with echoes of future events and even the current debate for a 16 team Premier league. There is indeed nothing new under the sun it appears.



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Hands Off Hibs: the summer of 1990


If you thought Scottish football couldn’t get any stranger than the summer of 1989 – when the openly Roman Catholic Mo Johnston was poised to re-sign for Celtic only to be snapped up by Rangers instead – then you probably weren’t prepared for the news which broke on 4 June 1990.

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Rival bid is Hibs’ best lifeline

Scotsman 5 June 1990


A GREAT number of snags and obstacles, some of which could prove to be insurmountable, will have to be over-come if Wallace Mercer’s £6.2 million bid – overall it would cost him £13m -to merge Hearts and Hibs, rivals for longer than a century, is to succeed.

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League not involved — yet

Scotsman 5 June 1990


THE SCOTTISH League will monitor the situation concerning Hearts and Hibs but will not answer any of the major questions which arise from it until the governing body knows precisely what it is dealing with, according to their secretary, Peter Donald.

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