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Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs, 17 November 2001

Four defeats in six games since the AEK match, one win, one draw. Hibs were on the slide, and Aberdeen took the feet from under us, rather like Darren Young’s tackle pictured above, with two goals in added on time after a reportedly dull and uninspiring 90 minutes had elapsed. Continue reading


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Hibs 2-1 Hearts, 21 October 2001


hearts211001picIf you are only going to win one out of 20 games then it might as well be against Hearts.

Ulises De La Cruz may have been Hibs’ record signing but he had scarcely approached even memorable status at Easter Road until he rammed in a goal after just 36 seconds of this derby. Adding a second tap-in after 24 minutes put him on the brink of legendary, but a hat-trick was not to be, despite opportunities coming his way. Continue reading

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Hibs 3-2 AEK Athens, 27 September 2001


It was back to the Camden taverna for the second leg, another mountain of grilled lamb and several beers, the tables all arranged in rows facing the telly. The atmosphere from Easter Road transmitted itself down the wires and off the screen into this little patch of north London. Irvine Welsh sneaked in up the back and a slightly larger handful of AEK fans occupied the seats to the left of me. Continue reading

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Commercial break

catalogueAmidst all the newsprint for season 01-02 this glossy club shop catalogue slid out. The slickness of the merchandising effort had come a long way in the previous few years, so far indeed that the catalogue bore a price tag of £2. Two quid for a catalogue? Who the f*** pays for a sales brochure specifically designed to part you from more of your money? Did anyone buy this? Come on, own up… Continue reading

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AEK Athens 2-0 Hibs, 20 September 2001


“Over-exuberant” is a phrase that has entered Hibs folklore, but its application to the AEK fans at this UEFA Cup first leg was a knowingly ironic euphemism. Climbing 30 feet up mesh fences, jeering throughout the silence for the victims of the 9/11 attacks while  burning American flags and igniting huge arsenals of pyrotechnic flares, the Greek supporters spectacularly failed to curb their enthusiasm, especially once their side took the lead in the second half. Continue reading